Xiaomi Smart Fingerprint Padlock!


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Xiaomi Smart Fingerprint lock padlock Kitty adopts high density zinc alloy lock body, 304 stainless steel lock beam, 4mm thickening and thickening, shear pliers are more difficult to cut. Provide mica blue, Luohui gold, coral red, bluestone green four colors optional. Anti-splashing water, anti-dust, long-term use do not rust.

  • Padlock uses semiconductor fingerprint chip, which can store 20 fingerprints, the resolution is 120x120px, the recognition rate is as high as 97.5%, the error rate is less than 0.001%, gently touch and unlock in 1 second. Carrying self-learning algorithm, the more sensitive the use. From now on, I no longer worry about losing my key and forgetting my password.
  • Built-in 100mAh high density pure cobalt 5C polymer battery, coupled with ultra-low power consumption fingerprint and algorithm technology, one charge can achieve 365 days standby life.