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Since 1974, Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) players have been sharpening their skills and bettering their characters that they role-play by conquering various evils, monsters, traps, and dungeons! The core element of each D&D session, however, is the Dungeon Master (DM). As a DM, you're responsible for the flow and life of the game itself. You control the potential fates of each player as you cast hordes of monsters on them. The very best of the Dungeon Masters will naturally wield the honor of these elite and exclusive enamel collector pins! Adorn these pins and you shall be recognized by your D&D group as one of the best DMs around! 

  • DUNGEONS & DRAGONS PINs: unique enamel-finished pins that are perfect for any fan of the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy game. Each pin represents a unique part of the game starting with the ampersand-style dragon logo.
  • THE DUNGEON MASTER PIN: Every great dungeon master deserves to be labeled as such! This pin will help do just that. With vibrant red and black coloring, this unique pin will make a wonderful gift for your own dungeon master.